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Herbalist and Natural Healer Dr. Sebi Remembered (776 hits)

The Internet is full of videos and comments about Dr. Sebi, including my own. In some he's fiery and at first glance angry. In others, especially videos of his speeches back in the 1980s and 1990s, he's much more insightful and instructive. Those resonate with me wholeheartedly. So on the first anniversary of Dr. Sebi's death, I continue his insights with the following passage from the book Seven Days in Usha Village: A Conversation with Dr. Sebi. And now words of wisdom from my teacher, my health guru, my friend.

"Now that we know that we came and they brought us from Africa, where in Africa would you like to go to and live right now or you identify with? You donít know. Nobody knows. We know that we are living this experience we call America. Understand? That is the reality, whether we want to or not. But if we stop and we accept the reality that this is it regardless to what this is, we live it gracefully and then we enjoy it because that is what it is. Weíre not in Africa no longer. And by the way I want to say this, in my journey from there to here, from my inception, from my birth to this age of 72, the one thing that I always steadfast held to was the essence of Africa, the basic ingredients of Africa. And how was I able to extrapolate from Africa these basic ingredients or principles? Well, it was easy for me, there again. Like curing AIDS is easy. I notice that the African people didnít leave Africa to go and conquer the land of another. The African people didnít enslave another. So these things tell me that my ancestors afforded the one thing that the world needs most today, love and compassion. And to see that I, Dr. Sebi, cling to those two little things knowing that we are nonoffensive. Weíre not warriors. Brothers and sisters today who have a late history of Africa like to say that we were warriors. We were generals. We were all of these things. We were never any of that. We were peaceful people living in the forest without any clothes on. We didnít have any hospitals. We didnít have any doctors. We didnít have any rapes. We didnít have any delinquency. We just lived as God designed us to live. Itís as simple as that." https://www.sojourntohonduras.com/single-post/2017/08/06/Wisdom-Experiences-Remembered
Posted By: Beverly Oliver
Sunday, August 20th 2017 at 11:00PM
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