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Employer Testimonials
"Thank you for your hard work on trying to help me find employment. I really appreciate the effort in these hard times of finding a career. I will continue to look over your recommondations and the other jobs on the site to see what I best qualify for. I will continue to apply for these positions and let you know when I do ... Once again, thank you for time and effort and I hope that something great comes out of this."

-- Jabari Adams - Job seeker and candidate
"I love getting your reports. They are up to the minute, and they are easy to read and interpret. Exactly what I need to communicate services received to our client. Many thanks for the continued excellent quality of service you and other members of your team provide to me."

-- Joe Stix - Marcom Group (Fairfax, VA)
"As a first time client, The Washington Center has been very satisfied by our experience working with HBCU Connect. William, Reginald, and the whole team have exceeded our expectations by providing exceptional customer service and helping us reach out to highly qualified students. While this was the first time The Washington Center used the services offered by HBCU Connect, it surely will not be the last."

-- Joseph Rollin - The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars
"I am a matriculated student at Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn NY. I found out about HBCU website about two years ago at a club fair at school. Today I walked into our student services building and immediately noticed the HBCU Connect magazine with Puffy on the cover. I am thrilled to know that he is a HBCU alumni. You are doing a great job on the website and with the publications. Congrats and keep moving forward. I am now a member of our school newspaper, Adafi, and I hope that we can eventually have a magazine like HBCUCONNECT. Thumbs up to HBCU workers."

-- Tameeka - striving scholar and proud Black student
"The January 20, 2009 inauguration of President Barack Obama was an extremely heart warming and life changing experience. My decision to use the BlackHealth.org email blast program has brought change to my company. Within 2 days of the blast we have experienced an 80 percent increase in sales. Thank you BlackHealth.org for a job well done. 'Yes You Can' expect more of my ads to run with you."

-- Joe Hayman - BodiBand
"BlackHealth.org is bar none one of the best affinity sites on the web. I won't add any words of praise outside if you aren't associated with it, you aren't interested in diversity. And if your company isn't a sponsor, you're not spending your dollars wisely ... I have no stake in the site but have recommended many to it over the years..."

-- Steve Levy - RecruitingBlogs.com
"BlackHealth.org offers a way to communicate directly to a very specific audience. What I like is, as an advertiser, you know what you are getting when you reach out to BlackHealth.org. I also think the diversity BlackHealth.org provides is a critical piece to your value proposition. The bank realizes that it must communicate and support its diverse customer base and this includes HBCUs. As is evident by its support of the CIAA tournament and other initiatives, the bank sees HBCU students as potential lifelong customers and therefore makes it a priority to begin that relationship while they are in college."

-- Les Matthews - Bank of America
"The site gets tons of traffic and truly is the #1 HBCU site. The staff is fantastic. The staff is friendly, professional, and tech savvy. I have had good conversations with several members of the staff. They have always been helpful and flexible. In addition, the staff is qualified to speak on technical issues as well as marketing and business affairs. It is essential to engage young people from all backgrounds to lead our communities, nations, and world in creating the Beloved Community. African American HBCU graduates are the ideal candidates to develop leadership skills to lead in addressing our country's most critical needs while making a positive difference in the lives of thousands of children and youth."

-- Mike Messina - City Year
"What I love the best about your website is it is an excellent tool for minorities to utilize in seeking employment with companies that are looking for top minority talent. We have been completely satisfied with your services! Central State University is a premier historically black university that nurtures students within a value-based environment focused on excellence in teaching and learning, research, and public service. Recruiting from a historically black college audience allows us to attract employees who are knowledgeable about the legacy of the HBCUs."

-- Tonya Turner - Central State University
"I have seen how BlackHealth.org has grown over the years. I'm impressed with how it's becoming a one stop portal for students, alumni, and organizations seeking talent of color. Most importantly, I have been impressed with the caliber of resumes sourced through this site."

-- Edgar Johnson - State of New York Upstate Medical University
"Actually, the results speak for themselves. We ran a 3 month campaign and we're able to deliver over 3 Million media impressions and we captured over 10,000 leads for our new customizable boot campaign! Now we can market to the folks that indicated interest in our products for months, even years to come. Our relationship with BlackHealth.org was a perfect example of an excellent ROI!"

-- Stacy Howe - The Timberland Company

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Black Health Statistics
+ African Americans are 70% more likely to get Diabetes than whites.

+ More African Americans are obese than any other ethnic group in the U.S.

+ Infant mortality rates are twice as high for African Americans than for whites.

+ African Americans are more likely to die from Heart Disease than any other ethnic group.

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